VOIP Phone Systems


Cloud Based Telephone Systems

As internet bandwidth has increased so has Cloud Hosted VOIP phone systems and cloud telephone systems. Businesses have realised that you don’t have to tie up capital in an office telephone system like the traditional PBX system. You can simply run your voice calls through the internet which delivers the facilities you need from a cloud based phone system without the on-going maintenance costs and support challenges you get with an on-site hardware system.

The Service

You are not tied down by physical business lines running into the building and can simply take the handsets with you plug them into a broadband regardless of the geographical location you are in or the geographical number associated with your business.

All features businesses are used to under the traditional PBX platform are present within the hosted cloud telephone solution including hunt groups, call recording and call forwarding. Changes can be made in minutes and businesses have access to the web based portal with the ability to divert calls from anywhere at a click of a button.

A good example of this ability was when one of our customers had heavy snow and not one employee could make it into the office they had the ability to log onto the platform from a laptop or phone from any location and divert the main office number to a different number of their choice therefore not missing a business call.

Cost Effective and Flexible

The cost of VOIP phone systems depends on the features required and whether IP handsets are included within the package but can offer significant savings over the traditional lines and calls within the traditional PBX system.

The system is very flexible and can be used with desktop phones but can also be used via a tablet, laptop or PC. You can even use a smartphone when out of the office.

The web portal also gives users the ability for real time call reporting allowing you to run detailed reports on all call analytics activities.

The Benefits of Hosted Cloud Telephone Systems

  •  Free Support & Maintenance – You never have to pay for a software update with the hosted solution. No need for expensive onsite equipment or annual maintenance contracts.
  •  Connect Multiple Sites – Connect multiple sites and remote workers onto the same phone system regardless of location. Make free calls between sites.
  •  Voicemail to E-Mail – Voicemails can be delivered straight to e-mail accounts so you can provide the best level of service to your clients.
  •  Scalable – Add users quickly and easily so you only pay for what you need.
  •  Inclusive Minutes – You can add an inclusive call minutes bundle to each handset giving you 2500 minutes to local / national numbers and 1500 mobile minutes. This keeps your bills consistent & manageable.
  •  Cost Savings – Reduced costs compared to traditional multi-line rentals.

We provide full Support

With collectively 30 plus years experience our Service Engineers are all Manufacturer trained to a standard that you can be assured of and can rest in the knowledge that your product is in safe hands.

Service Contract Includes

  • All parts and labour
  • Loan equipment should the need arise
  • Inks and Toners
  • Engineers on call and on site within 8 hrs of your call (respond rate at present 4 hrs)
  • Regular Maintenance
  • Instant access to spare parts
  • 90% first time fix rate