The PSTN Switch OFF

What is the BT 2025 Switch Off

The Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) and the Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN) is the traditional copper based network which will be terminated at the end of 2025. This means that every traditional copper phone line will be moved to a more modern network that uses a fibre based service. This basically means all voice communications and calls will be made via the internet just as your data and e-mails are placed via the internet.

Why is the 2025 switch off happening?

The traditional PSTN telecommunications infrastructure has been in place since 1876 and is old and costly to maintain. There has been such a shift as technology has moved on from mobile devices, apps and the Internet of Things (IoT). This switch off will pave the way for a fully digital network to meet the demands of the new digital era.

Who is affected by the 2025 switch off?

The 2025 switch off will affect all homes and businesses currently operating on ISDN or PSTN lines. Simply put anyone who uses a fixed line landline for communication like your traditional home landline phone.

Will my Broadband be Impacted?

If you currently have a broadband service that is supported on a single line, then it will cease to work. However you can migrate the service over to a single order broadband (SOGEA). Contact us for more information

If your business needs a faster connection you should look at (FTTP). This is full fibre to the premises, although it isnt available at every address as yet but you can contact us and we can find out which services are availble at your location.

What are the advantages of the Digital Network and VOIP?

  • You can connect multiple sites and remote workers onto the same phone system regardless of location. Make free calls between sites
  • Make and receive calls on multiple devices (Mobile apps, Computer Softphones) from wherever you are
  • You can link other business applications like CRM intergation or video chat
  • Its scalable, you can add users quickly so you only pay for what you need
  • Reduce call costs compared to traditional multi-line rentals
  • Have access to advanced features like call forwarding and call reporting

Although 2025 is some way off. Why should I prepare now?

The 2025 switch off will be happening whether we are ready or not and the shift to a digital network could be a big process for your business and home. After the PSTN switch off businesses will be reliant on the interent to make phone calls. However this many not just be phone calls as it includes all other services that use the old network too like CCTV, alarms, EPOS machines and door entry systems. As a business who is reliant on these systems working it would be wise to ensure that your broadband connectivity is fast and reliable enough to handle the extra demand placed on it.